Wednesday, 15 March 2017


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Welcome address
Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL


Keynote address
Ou Wang, Managing Director and Head of Private Equity Investment Department, CHINA INVESTMENT CORPORATION


Private equity 2017: Global trends, risks and rewards
2016 was a year of challenges for private equity-Brexit, the US presidential election, volatility— all leaving investors hesitant and noncommittal. Yet difficulty creates opportunity for savvy GPs with differentiated strategies and creative approaches to outperform these unstable markets. Global and regional leaders share insights into current market challenges and near-term prospects for the asset class.

  • How are macro trends impacting private equity worldwide and in Asia? What's the outlook for 2017 and beyond?
  • What differentiates those GPs who can meet the challenge?
  • Where are the next investment opportunities? Why is China still attractive?
  • How is the exit market in Asia evolving? What does this mean for 2017 and beyond?

Moderated by: Peter Kim, Partner, COLLER CAPITAL
Kyle Shaw, Founder and Managing Partner, SHAWKWEI & PARTNERS
Jonathan Zhu, Managing Director, BAIN CAPITAL


Networking break


Chinese consumers: Driving the next decade of growth
Even as growth moderates, most investors are still counting on Chinese's consumers as the driver for the country's next boom. Steady urbanisation, a buoyant middle class and rising lifestyle expectations all underpin this optimistic view. Prominent investors and experts highlight the sectors and strategies that can best access Chinese consumer opportunities.

  • Where are the most interesting deals being found?
  • Do consumer plays present more buyout opportunities in China? How will these develop?
  • Will we see more consumer-specialist GPs? What niches can they fill compared with generalists?
  • What kind of investment team is best for a consumer play?

Moderated by: Judie Ng Shortell, Partner, PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON LLP
William A Chen, Founding Managing Partner, CLEARVUE PARTNERS
Mei Tong, Managing Director, FOSUN HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS
Tony Wang, Executive Director, LEGEND CAPITAL
David Wei, Chairman and Founding Partner, VISION KNIGHT CAPITAL


Delivering alpha in a slow-growth environment
In an era of slower growth and greater turbulence, private equity investors and their portfolio companies can no longer hitch a ride on macro drivers, and must compete to achieve alpha. Yet no single preeminent value-creation strategy has proven itself in China. Panelists discuss delivering performance at every stage of the investment cycle.

  • What does a Chinese control investment look like?
  • How are GPs adding value as minority investors?
  • What can investors do to revitalise portfolio companies facing macro challenges?
  • Do local fund managers have an edge over international peers?

Moderated by: Doris Guo, Partner, ADAMS STREET PARTNERS
Xiaoling Hu, Founding Partner, CDH INVESTMENTS
Yi Luo, Partner/Head of China, CVC ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED
Jim Tsao, Chairman and Head of China, PERMIRA ADVISERS (CHINA) LIMITED
Feng Zhai, Managing Director, Head of the Portfolio Management Team, CITICPE


Networking lunch


Plenary address
Patrick Zhong, Chief Investment Officer, WANDA GROUP


The next wave of China venture capital
China's huge customer base and appetite for innovation has inspired dazzling achievements by Chinese entrepreneurs. Despite the slowing pace of investment, the government has launched a number of initiatives to further groom the sector and nurture the country's innovation. Our panel of leading VCs consider what comes next.

  • How are the players in the VC space changing?
  • How will a pro-VC official policy and huge funding support change market dynamics?
  • Where is the deal flow? Can China take the lead in global tech innovation?
  • What are the prospects for VC exits?

Moderated by: Pang Lee, Partner, COOLEY LLP
Milton Chou, Senior Director, GE VENTURES
Jeffrey Li, Managing Partner, TENCENT INVESTMENT
Eric Xu, Managing Partner, GGV CAPITAL
Edith Yeung, China Partner, 500 STARTUPS


Networking break


Uncovering new opportunities in China's changing economy
Chinese private equity continues to mature. Apart from the handful of successful and well known incumbent funds , a new wave of GPs have emerged with strategies targeting different segments of China's diverse economy and beyond. Focusing on everything from impact investments to turnarounds of distressed assets and overseas assets, these funds are managed by seasoned executives with a potent mix of upper quartile experience, high-level contacts and local knowhow. Our panel discuss the emerging opportunities for private investors in China.

  • What new opportunities have emerged as the economy shifts towards more service based industries? 
  • How will new entrants affect the deal market, and is there a risk of over competition in certain industries?
  • What sources of capital are committing to these new funds?
  • Is the renewed popularity of RMB-denominated funds here to stay?

Moderated by: John Gu, Head of Private Equity, KPMG CHINA
David Han, CEO and Co-Founder, YAO CAPITAL
Chris Lerner, Partner and Head of Asia, EATON PARTNERS
Yi Yuan, Investment Director, Medical Strategic Investment Department Head, TAIKANG COMMUNITY
Alex T. Zhang, Founding Partner, HOSEN CAPITAL


China distress and mezzanine
Corporate China is riding a rising bubble of debt estimated at around USD18t. To help deflate this bubble, Chinese policymakers are promoting debt-to-equity swaps, heralding a new wave of opportunities for distressed and special situation investors. Yet investment in the Chinese credit market can be hit and miss, thanks to regulatory ambiguity and operational complexity. Our panelists discuss the potential and the pitfalls.

  • What are the drivers for deal flow?
  • How broad is the opportunity outside cyclical business sectors?
  • What execution challenges confront distress-focused GPs?
  • Are LPs' return expectations for credit realistic?
  • Will more distress-focused GPs emerge in China?

Moderated by: Sally Shan, Managing Director, HARBOURVEST PARTNERS
Barry Lau, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer (Private Investments), ADAMAS
Marcus Paciocco, Managing Director, FTI CONSULTING
Xiaolin Zhang, Founder and Managing Partner, SHORELINE CAPITAL


Close of conference day 1
Networking cocktail

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Registration and refreshments


Economist briefing
Jiming Ha, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist, GOLDMAN SACHS PRIVATE WEALTH MANAGEMENT CHINA


IPO and exit options in 2017/18
2016 was yet another challenging year for PRC private equity and venture capital IPO exits, with volatile markets, termination of the Strategic Emerging Industries Board and delayed liberalisation of the IPO system. Many GPs are exploring alternatives, leading to more secondary exits and trade sales. Our panel examines 2016's exit environment and looks to the year ahead and beyond.

  • Which exit routes delivered in 2016?
  • Where will the Chinese companies that delisted overseas head next? Is there still appetite for listing overseas?
  • Has the emergence of control buyouts really created more viable exit routes?
  • How will secondary exits evolve in China?

Moderated by:
Allen Lu, Audit Partner, Head of Technology, KPMG NORTHERN CHINA
Scott Cai, Partner, SAIF PARTNERS
Jerry He, Partner & Head of Shanghai, EQT PARTNERS ASIA LIMITED


Networking break


The role of private equity in China's global buying spree
Despite the domestic volatility, Chinese companies continue to rack up overseas assets. In fact, Chinese companies are becoming more sophisticated in their outbound M&A, many partnering with more worldly private equity funds to help navigate the mounting regulatory hurdles, unpredictable valuations and difficult post-integration that might have otherwise slowed them down. With further headwinds predicted, our panel share how they navigate the landscape and overcome challenges.

  • How are macroeconomic and political developments shaping the M&A landscape worldwide and in China? 
  • What are the latest government policy shifts and regulatory updates?
  • How can private equity support China M&A? What are the benefits of GP/corporate partnerships?
  • Case study: key lessons learned and tips for success

Moderated by: Davis Wang, Partner, Country Head, China, SIMMONS & SIMMONS

Catherine Fan, Managing Director/Partner, SAILING CAPITAL
Samson Lo, Managing Director, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Asia, UBS
Sam Sun, Managing Director/Head of Greater China, AGIC CAPITAL
Eric Xin, Senior Managing Director, CITIC CAPITAL PARTNERS


LP insights: China's place in a global PE portfolio
China's place in a global private equity portfolio has been under close scrutiny, amid concerns over unrealised returns and market uncertainties. Yet, China remains Asia's lynchpin and largest private equity market, with economic transformation still promising great dividends. Global and local LPs debate the merits, challenges and risks of committing to China.

  • How does China compare with other markets in a global PE portfolio? 
  • How do LPs allocate to USD and RMB funds? What are their considerations?
  • What are LPs expecting from GPs in the current low-growth climate? How should you select Chinese GPs?
  • What is the reality of doing co-investment and direct deals in China?

Moderated by: Dennis Kwan, Managing Director, MVISION STRATEGIC (ASIA) LIMITED
Dave Brochet, Managing Director, CDPQ ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD
Xiangming Fang, Deputy General Manager, CCT FUND MANAGEMENT CO. LTD.
Edward J. Grefenstette, President & Chief Investment Officer, THE DIETRICH FOUNDATION
Jason Zhao, Head of Private Equity Investment, CHINA POST LIFE INSURANCE


Closing remarks
Networking lunch and end of conference

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