2016 AVCJ 中国论坛圓滿結束

感谢您在百忙之中拨冗参加3月9日-10日于北京成功举办的2016 AVCJ中国论坛。历时两天的论坛内容丰富,包括高质量讨论会、演说和交流会等,汇聚了超过350名来自亚洲私募股权和风险投资领域的普通合伙人、风险投资家、有限合伙人和企业高管。




"The AVCJ China Forum is an influential event in the private equity and venture capital community in China, which brought together industry professionals and thought leaders to discuss the hottest opportunities and explore strategies to tap the ever-changing Chinese PE market. It offered a great platform to meet with LPs across the region."
- David H. Liu, Global Partner, Co-head of KKR Asia Private Equity, CEO of Greater China, KOHLBERG KRAVIS ROBERTS & CO.

"The AVCJ China Forum was a high value gathering, with authoritative and substantive speakers and ample opportunity to network and connect to a serious investment community. It is rare to find some 200 hundred China investment experts and decision makers of such caliber, from across China and broader Asia, under one roof. The market knowledge and future strategic orientation of the companies and individuals present at the 2016 AVCJ China Forum provided greater insight into future directions of the China economy, and anticipated behavior of Chinese consumers going forward, than any recent conference I have attended."
- Ron Hoffmann, Alberta’s Senior Representative for the Asia Pacific Basin

“The AVCJ China Forum is a stage for us to meet, to share and bump ideas, and afterwards to do something big together!”
Scott Cai, Partner, SAIF Partners

"The AVCJ China Forum is a high-value event with strong investor attendees and content addressing contemporaneous VC/PE trends and issues in the Chinese market."
- Milton Chou, China Growth Leader, GE VENTURES

"AVCJ is a great platform to share forefront information and creat interesting ideas"
- Gao Zhen, Managing Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners

"It was truly a remarkable event that brought together outstanding practitioners and thought leaders to discuss the opportunities for private equity and venture capital in China."
"The event could not have taken place at a more appropriate time."
- Alfred Schipke, Senior Resident Representative for China, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND

"It is a great event to meet key industry players from the industry and hear their most updated insights!"
- Eric Xin, Senior Managing Director, China Private Equity, CITIC CAPITAL


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