AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum China 2017

The AVCJ China Forum will return on 15-16 March 2017 at the China World Summit Wing, Beijing.
To register your interest click HERE.

To visit the AVCJ China Forum 2016 webste please click : http://www.avcjchina.com/2016


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Registration Enquiries:

Pauline Chen
Tel: +852 2158 9655
E: Pauline.Chen@avcj.com


Sponsorship Enquiries:

Darryl Mag
Tel: +852 2158 9639
E: Darryl.Mag@avcj.com


Speaker Enquiries:

Jessie Chan
Tel: +852 2158 9650
E: Jessie.Chan@avcj.com


Marketing and Media enquiries:

Priscilla Chu
Tel: +852 2158 9656
E: Priscilla.Chu@avcj.com